Kitesurf Teaching Legislation

Kitesurfing or kiteboaridng is an Olympic triangle Sailing Sport under World Sailing (WS) and the Greek Sailing Federetion (EIO). According to the Greek Law, kiteboarding lessons and training are be contacted by  Athletic Sailing Clubs authorized by the Greek Ministry of Sports for Sailing.

The training program is organized by a certified sailing coach licensed by the Greek Sailing Federation (EIO) To Whom It May Concern: is only an informative website, providing all the info about the sport of kiteboarding and kiteboarding lessons, AND it doesn’t, under any circumstance, doing by itself kiteboarding lessons or equipment rental. 

The organized trips featured at this webpage are be contacted by a tourist agency licensed by the Greek Government Nub:0414E6000139601

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Read the Kitesurf course use and legislation.