According to the Greek Law, kiteboarding lessons and training can be contacted by Athletic Sailing Clubs, authorized by the Greek Ministry of Sports, for the sport of Sailing and Private Athletic School authorized by the Greek Government.

Snow Kite Lessons

We are feeling very lucky to live in a place where we can snowkite and kitesurf in 30 minutes distance. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to snowkite while watching your friends kitesurfing in the water or roll down to the beach and end your day with a kite session in the water! Begin your snowkite lessons and feel the freedom!

The Kiteboarding School team is providing something new and exciting from the winter of 2017. Half an hour drive from our homespot Cape Drepano, on the top of mountain Panachaiko, there is an amazing plateau at 1650m where we are having snowkite, most of the times with super steady winds and clear skies. Snowkite at this plateau is an amazing experience since you have a clear view of the city of Patra and the Patraikos gulf as far as the Ionian Islands.

If you know how to kite already you are more than welcome to join us and the only requirement is a car with wheel chains (preferably 4X4). If you don’t want to use your vehicle avoiding the gravel snowy road, we can arrange transfer for you to the spot.

If you don’t know how to kite, then you will attend some to our snowkite lessons, learning how to set up kites, how to use the safety systems, launching and landing and finally how to fly a kite with safety. Starting with small kites we will move all the way up to big inflatable/foil kites and you will be up and sliding from the first day! If you don’t know how to ski or snowboard you will need an extra hour to learn some basic safety rules about them.

Furthermore if you attend some of our classes up in the mountain and you learn how to fly kites properly, then you have cover almost half of the training you will need  to kitesurf in water!!! So, for autumn (April) when we start to go in the water again you can complete the water course in a day and be able to enjoy the sea during the summer time.

We are organizing lessons, daily expeditions and snow kite camps that take place according to the weather conditions(safety reasons) and you will be notify by email 2 days before. So don’t hesitate to send us  an email and let us know your intentions.

SnowKite Maniacs

For all of you snow lovers, skiers, and snowboarders, who want your personal playground come and joins us to this amazing setup, learning, carving, jumping or snow kite your brains out! Experts or not submit your email and we will notify you for our daily excursions and camps.

Snow Kite Lessons Price List

Snowkite Lessons

Description Duration Price
Private lesson (without snowboard equipment)
1 hour
Private lesson (without snowboard equipment)
3 hours
Lessons group of 2 (without snowboard equipment)
1 hour
Lessons group of 2 (without snowboard equipment)
3 hours
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