Kite Sailing Trips in Greece

The sailing kite trips are taking place to the West coast of Greece from Lefkada all the way down south to Cape Drepano and vise versa. This area has nice moderate winds (steady thermals) throughout the whole summer and many spots (more than 7) on the way.

If you are beginners we can arrange your lessons onboard, with an IKO certified instructor being with you at all times, guiding you to this amazing sport. On the other hand, if you are intermediate or experts you can rent some equipment from us or have a kite guide/rescue onboard who is going to help you out throughout your trip.

Location & Transportation

We will find secret spots, amazing lagoons, crystal clear waters and some downwinds with the wind on our favour and always according to your skills. The route always depend on the forecast at the time of your arrival and your preferences. During the day we will search for the perfect conditions for you to kite and then we are going to stay overnight to small peaceful bays or reach a harbour for some night action according to the route.

The choice of the Ionian sea for our sailing kite trips, is made upon 10 years of experience on sailing kite trips in Greece. The other side of Greece, the Aegean sea is most of the times really rough, since the ‘meltemi’, the strong north wind is blowing hard during the summer (6-7BF) every day. So, with this kind of weather we can not set sails for too many islands during the trip unless you are experienced sailors!

Moreover the Aegean sea don’t have as many protected areas (flat, choppy spots), as the Ionian sea has, so if your trip is kiteboarding oriented the west coast is the place you have to be. The Aegean sailing kite trips are more island hopping and some kite action weather permitted. Anyhow we can customise your trip according to your needs.

Cape Drepano Surf House

Arriving at Cape Drepano

The 2 most convenient airports for this trips is Aktion or Araxos (both international airports) with charter flights during the summer. Of course there is option of Athens international airport, but from there is a 2 hour drive to reach Patra (railway from the airport to Patra also) or 4 hours to reach Lefkada. We can arrange all your transportations upon request.

The ‘Kiteland’

It’s a common secret among the Greek Kiteboarding Community that if you want to kite every day, you have to go west to a place that the locals call ‘the kiteland‘. The western part of Greece is providing an ideal playground for kiteboarding since you can kite almost every day with any wind direction. At the area, you can find famous kite spots like ‘Cape Drepano’ where you will kite with all the pros during the season like Youri Zoon, Stefan Spiessberger and Paula Novotna, and beautiful downwind cruises in the Corinthian Gulf. Moreover, there are flat lagoons and 3 river mouths which are providing a unique kite scene. Whether permitted we will kite one of the biggest rivers in Greece called ‘Acheloos’ which was worship like a God in Ancient Greece. The most amazing thing though is the uncharted kite spots at the biggest sea lake in  Greece.

Its a common secret among the Greek Kiteboarding Community that if you want to kite every day, you have to go west to a place that the locals call 'the kiteland'.

At this area, we have nice thermals and moderate wind early and late at the season (Mar-June and Sep-November)  and high winds July and August when the Meltemi starts blowing. We usually use 9 and 11 sqm kites but a big kite is must for the light wind sessions. The dominant winds are Northwest and East-Northeast. With south winds (not often during the summer) we travel south about 1 hour from our surf house to find some wavy spots. So, actually, we stop kiting only when the mountains are full of snow and its rather cold. With more than 10 kite-spots around our surf house, we are offering the best conditions for a memorable experience.

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The kite spot ‘Cape Drepano’

Cape Drepano is becoming one of the best kite spots worldwide. The frequent winds, more than 300 days per year, but most importantly the quality of wind makes it an ideal destination for any kitesurfer.

Every year many pro riders are coming over to train like Carlos Mario, Youri Zoon, Stefan Spiessberger, Paula Novotna, Val Garat, and many more. The spot is actually a sand bar sticking out of water having an onshore and an offshore flat side with every wind direction.


Standard - Surf House

1 double bedroom

1 room with 2 double beds

2 Shared bathroom/WC


Chilling Area

Equipment Drying and Storage Area



Beach front

up to 7 people

Luxury - Villa

2 double bedroom

1 room with 2 single beds

1 room with single bed

4 bathrooms


Chilling Area


Private beach

Private parking

Up to 7 people

What's included

Boat rental


Kite guide/rescue

Upgrade dinky


Port fees/gasoline

Not included

Kite Lessons

Food / Nightlife

Our Daily Schedule

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
Meeting at Patras Harbor and go straight to our first spot Cape Drepano.
Kiting early in the morning at Cape Drepano and then according to the wind we will leave for downwind session.
We will head to an uncharted secret spot on the west coast with a lot of wind and dead flat water.
We will keep exploring uncharted territories for the ultimate rides.
Heading to the biggest river mouth in Greece where we will find dead flat lagoons and kite into the river.
We will stay in the area exploring a little bit more and in the afternoon we sail downwind heading to Patras.
Departure from the boat and kite session (if you have time) to Cape Drepano again which is 20 min drive from the port.

Kite Sailing Trip Pricing

There are 3 scheduled trips at the moment but you can request a custom trip.

1 - 8 June 2019

750 /person
  • 6 people group
  • Transportation
  • 6-night stay at Surf House
  • Coaching
  • Kite Trips
  • Downwind

20 - 27 July 2019

850 /person
  • 6 people group
  • Transportation
  • 6-night stay at Surf House
  • Coaching
  • Kite Trips
  • Downwind

10 - 17 August 2019

910 /person
  • 6 people group
  • Transportation
  • 6-night stay at Surf House
  • Coaching
  • Kite Trips
  • Downwind

Need a custom plan?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about the Kite Sailing Trip.
This means that out of the 7 days you will have 6 days of wind. So during the trip, you can have a day off, if the wind is not blowing. If we have a second day without wind and we can’t find any decent kite spot around, we will do some speed boat cruising, wakeboarding or some hiking to the amazing Gorge of Vouraikos (include in the price).
During the trip, you will be accompanied with an IKO certified instructor level 2, who will help you improve your skills and riding. This service refers to intermediate and advanced riders but not for experts (wakestyle or dedicated freestyle riders – discount applies). So, during the whole week and every day, you will talk with the kite guide about the problem you face during your kiting sessions or the tricks you want to learn and you will receive tips and instructions on how you will accomplish your goals!
If you are not independent kiteboarder (can’t stay upwind, can’t recover your board), or you haven’t finished you kite lessons, then we can provide kitesurf lessons with 30% discount for everyone in the group. We will provide all the equipment needed (Cabrinha and Duotone 2018-19) and the lessons will be held with radio helmets for communication.

Kiteboarding requires a high level of concentration, alertness, and sync in your movements. Yoga is a perfect complementary exercise in which you can develop flexibility, strength, and balance. Practicing Yoga before your sessions will boost your energy, stability, endurance, confidence, performance, and focus. It will also help you recover from each session so it should be done also afterward.

Yoga sessions will be performed before and after your session in the surf house at the chilling area by one of the best Yoga instructors in Greece, Dibelo Dimitris, who is an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor authorized for up to 500hr from Yoga Alliance. The sessions will be 60 minutes long and the price is 60€ (per session). Discount applies for more than 6 sessions.

We can arrange snacks and beverages at the beach during your kite sessions or arrange some nice Greek cooked food back at the surf house. As for dinner we can have a BBQ at the surf house or go out and eat at traditional fish or meat taverns around.

Definitely! Just send us an email and we will arrange a custom trip for you according to your needs. We can make an all-inclusive offer for your trip as well as customize every single detail to make a perfect vacation for you and your friends.