How to start riding a foil board

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Here are some tips on how you will start riding foils without ‘killing’ yourself :

  • Wear a helmets and impact vest if you have. You will need all the protection you can get
    Ride at the beginning with straps and a short foil shaft if you have
  • Keep your bindings loose!! It is very important to be let go of the foil board as quickly as possible. With all the weight (foil shaft) way under you, the board is twisting in strange ways and the rails, the shaft and fins can cut you really bad. So, if you fall eject the foil immediately.
  • At your first rides and tacks, keep the foil down to the water!!! To be able to do that keep most of your weight in the front leg instead of the back. It’s going to be tricky at the beginning because you are used to press the back leg.
  • Finally when you are used to ride with the foil down to the water start pressing the back leg bringing the foil up and balance your weight to keep it steady

Happy foilboarding!

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