Sailing kite trip -10% 1

Sailing kite trip -10%

Sailing kite trip -10%


Sailing / Kite trips

This sailing kite trips are taking place to the West coast of  Greece at a place we call the ‘kiteland’ close to the city of Patra. We will sail the Ionia sea and Patraikos and Corinthian Gulf. This area has nice moderate winds (steady thermals)throughout the whole summer and many spots (more than 8) on the way. During the day we will search for the perfect conditions for you to kite and then we are going to stay overnight to small peaceful bays or reach a harbor for some night action according to the route. The route always depends on the forecast at the time of your arrival and your preferences but we will find along the way :

  •  Famous spots like Cape Drepano and Dioni
  • Secret uncharted spots and amazing lagoons,
  • Crystal clear waters 
  • Amazing Downwinds (with the wind on our favor and always according to your skills).

The choice of the Ionian sea for our trip is made upon 10 years of experience on sailing kite trips in Greece. The other side of Greece, the Aegean sea is most of the times really rough, since the ‘meltemi’, the strong north wind is blowing hard during the summer (6-7BF) every day. So, with this kind of weather, we can not set sails for too many islands during the trip unless you are experienced sailors..@! Moreover, the Aegean sea doesn’t have as many protected areas(flat, choppy spots), as the Ionian sea has, so if your trip is kiteboarding oriented the west coast is the place you have to be. The Aegean sailing kite trips are more island hopping and some kite action weather permitted.

If you are beginners we can arrange your lessons onboard, with an IKO certified instructor being with you at all times, guiding you to this amazing sport. On the other hand, if you are intermediate or experts you can rent some equipment from us or have a kite guide/rescue onboard who is going to help you out throughout your trip.

The 2 most convenient airports for this trips is Araxos Airport with charter flights during the summer and of course,  Athens international airport, but from there is a 2-hour drive to reach Patra (railway from the airport to Patra also). We can arrange all your transportations upon request.

Our boat is a Trident 44 and can accommodate 6 people + 2 Crew (Skipper + Guide guide). This offer has 10%off for specific week 18-25 of May 2019. The original price is 4.500 Euro and for this week will be 4.000 Euro.


Boat rental
Kite guide/resue
Upgrade dinky
Port fees/gasoline

Not Included:

Kite lessons
Food / nightlife

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