Kite Camps -20% off 1

Kite Camps -20% off

Kite Camps at Cape Drepano -20% off April 2019

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Kite Camps -20% off 2

What is really important when you learn how to kitesurf, is how many hours you are practicing and how many days in a row you are in the water. It’s no use of doing 2 hours of lessons today and then do another 2 hours two weeks later because you must start all over again. That’s why if you really want to learn kiteboarding we suggest you book a kite camp where we will spend most of the day practicing, learning and talking about kitesurf.

The camps are taking place to our home-base at Cape Drepano and the area around it, where we have more than 8 kite spots around and wind all day long (Aliki, Nikoleika, Tripia, Digeliotika, Bouka, Spitha, Chiliadou, Nafpaktos). We will stay at our surf house which is located 2 min from the main spot Cape Drepano

The season starts from March until October and there is no minimum amount of people or number of days to participate in a Kite Camp. There are already fixed kite camps but we can customize them according to your needs and preferences for example luxury, standard (surf house) accommodation, intense (more than 4 hours/day) or regular (less than 4 hours/day) program.  You can come by yourself for as many days as you like. We can also arrange transportation for you from the International airports around (Athens – 2hours drive, Araxos – 1hour drive) or you can come with your own car and public transportation.

Come with us and participate in one of our kite camps and live the experience that can change your life… for more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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