Cape Drepano Experience 1

Cape Drepano Experience

Cape Drepano Kite safari 2019


Cape Drepano Experience 2This a kite safari at the west coast of Greece, a place that we call ‘the kiteland’ close to the city of Patra. With more than 8 kite-spots around our surf house, we are offering the best condition for a memorable experience and we can guarantee 90% of wind any time you come over. We are setting up a base camp 10 min from the best Greek kite spot Cape drepano at the region called Achaia. Due to the morphology of the place (50 N.miles coastline), we have more than 250 days of wind every year and we can kite almost every day. It’s a common secret to the Greek Kiteboarding Community that if you want to kite almost every day you must come to this region (Achaia).  From the Base camp according to the wind, we can travel and chase the wind to the south or to the north part of Western Greece riding flat spots, lagoons, crystal clear waters and do some downwinds (always according to your skills).

One hour drive from our home spot Cape Drepano there is a river mouth which is providing a nice lagoon with warm waters for the experts and a huge swallow bay (onshore) where Intermediate rides can progress with safety. With South winds (not often during the summertime) we drive 1.15 h. south-west to find and ride the wavy spots of Ag Ilias and Katakolon. The southwest coast of Greece is an unknown pearl with huge sandy beaches, not crowded during the summer and a lot of kitesurfing (Pilos, Costa Navarino) and Surfing spots (Kalo Nero, Lagouvardos) on the way! Moreover, some uncharted secret kite spots with dead flat and warm water will be explored.

Cape Drepano Experience 3If you really want to see the best kite spots around the mainland of Greece, kite, eat, sleep where the locals do and chase the wind, then come with us for a guided kiteboarding road-trip.  Get a glimpse of what Greece is all about away from the crowded spots and discover this unknown paradise. You will enjoy the hospitality of the Greeks and you will be amazed by the Greek cuisine at traditional taverns and small villages on the way.We are going to pick you up from the airport (Athens, Aktaion or Araxos all international airports) and we will just hit the road and chase the wind. We can guarantee 90% of wind during these trips because we are kiting all year round in the mainland for more than 10 years now. The routes of kiteboarding trips/safaris are always depended on the wind forecast.

Kitesurfing lessons
If you are experienced kiters then the wind is going to be our guide but If you need kiteboarding lessons we will customize the trip in order to have the best condition for you to learn how to kite. We are going to provide all the necessary equipment (kites, boards, helmets, harnesses, wetsuits) for your lessons (Beginner or advanced). All of our instructors are IKO certified and we use Radio-helmets throughout the lessons since we believe its the best way to teach.
We can customize your kite safari to your needs and the dates that you prefer.T here is no minimum amount of days and person participating to these custom kite safaris, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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