Kitesurf lessons in Patra - Cape Drepano - Antirio

Kiteboarding lessons Cape Drepano - Antirio

This western part of Greece and especially Patraikos Gulf are ideal for kiteboarding because of the frequent wind - almost every day. With more than 6 kite-spots around Patra, Kiteboardingschool is offering the best condition for a memorable experience. Cape Drepano, Mavri miti, aliki, nikoleika, digeliotika are some of the spots where we are kiting. The base of operations of kiteboardingschool is at the small port of Araxovitika, 2min from our main spot Cape Drepano

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At Cape drepano (probably the most famous spot around Greece - wind quality wise) we are teaching boardrides offshore with an inflatable boat to avoid the crowded beach. Our suggestion is to follow the 2 or 3-day course and then buy or rent equipment from us and continue enjoying the sea and waves. The Basic Course will make the student take his first run on the board but the most important is that he is going to feel safe to practice on his own. From there on we can continue the lessons or you can practice by yourself at the places we are going to be according to the wind.

Kiteboarding lessons Patra Greece safari cape drepano

During the lessons, we are going to provide all the necessary equipment for your training (kites, boards, helmets, harnesses,life-vests). We teach with radio-helmets to be able to communicate with our students during practice. 

Kiteboarding lessons Patra Greece safari cape drepano

This kiteboarding spot actually is a sandbar sticking out of the water which means that there is an onshore and an offshore side in every wind direction. At the area we have nice thermals and high wind situations according to the season, low and high tides and sometimes strong currents. That's why at the spot we provide rescue services for all windsurfers and kitesurfers (More info Here)

Kiteboarding lessons Patra Greece safari cape drepano rescue services

Moreover an amazing Lagoon in Makinia with an outside reef it’s going to provide clear and calm water for you to train with west winds. You can reach the place by boat (10 min from Patra harbor) or by car (30 min from Patra) or we can arrange transportation for you

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Price-list for kiteboarding lessons in Patra - Cape Drepano - Antirio 

kiteboarding lessons Description Price
kiteboarding intro private/group (2) 1 hours  €55/€60
Basic Course (private)  6 hours / 2 days €335
Basic Course (group of 2)  8+1(theory) h. /2 days


Full Course - boat 9+1(theory) h. / 3-4 days


Ongoing Lessons (after basic course) Description Price
Ongoing without Equipment 1 hour €30
Ongoing with Equipment 1 hour €55
Ongoing with Equip/with boat - downwind 1 hour €75
Ongoing without Equip/with boat - downwind 1 hour €55

Equipment rental

Rental Price
Wetsuit per day €5,-
board per day €20,-
Kite per day €40,-
Harness per day €10,-
Helmet per day  €5,-
All included per day €70,-

To be able to rent equipment you must have an independent kiteboarder Card from ΙΚΟ or VDWS. Otherwise, you can purchase first an 1-hour evaluation program for 40 euro. For rental more than 3 days you get a discount of 10%. 

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