Kitesurf lessons in Aigio - Digeliotika, Nikoleika, Aliki

kitesurfing lessons

Aigialia is a region in Peloponnese with clear water (EU Blue Flags) and a lot of wind. In cooperation with the Multiplicity of Aigio, we are kiting to 2-3 different spots according to the wind (Digeliotika, Nikoleika, Mpouka). Unfortunately, the kite spots at Aigio are not suitable for lessons (wavy spots), so the beginner's courses are always contacted at Cape Drepano 10min drive from Aigio (Highway) where do all levels of lessons with rescue boats. There is a big kiteboarding community at Aigio so if you an experienced rider contact us to let you know where and when we will kite every day..!

Kiteboarding Aigio /Digeliotika beach / Greece

kiteboarding Aigio /Greece Rescue boat

Accommodation for Kitesurf in Aigio

Many different choices for your accommodation in Aigio. Some of them are :
1. Fourkis Place (pool, internet, self-catering from 25 Euro/person)

Accomodation Aigio / Fourkis Place

2. Harmony Apartments (luxurious apartmanets, pool , from 30 euro/person)

Kitesurf Accomodation

Breakfast to the pool

Activities in Aigio

Horse riding as low as 5 euro/person at Aigio Jockey Club. Day excursions to historical and archaeological places around Peloponnese. 

Horse riding

Horse riding

Soon SUP, Boat excursions, biking and Hiking will be available 30 minutes from the center of the town.

Sup,greece,aigio,adventure, holidays

 Finally you can relax and renew yourself to Kallisto Spa

Relaxing Spa

kiteboarding photo from Aigio



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