About Kiteboarding School 1

Kiteboardingschool is a group of experienced instructors who have devoted their lives to the sea and their favorite sport of kiteboarding.

Greece is one of the best places in the world for kiteboarding since the wind is blowing more that 250 days per year with temperatures above 23o C.

Kiteboarding  is not a seasonal occupation for us.

The summer time we spend more than 7 months, mainly at our home spot Cape Drepano teaching kitesurfing or travelling coaching onboard  sailing boats and motoryachts at the Ionian and the Aegean sea.

The winter time some of us travel and teach kiteboarding abroad and the others stay in Greece and teach snowkite and snowboard on the Greek mountains. We are feeling very lucky, because there is an amazing venue, 30 minutes from our home spot Cape drepano, where we are teaching snowkite (Panachaiko mountain plateau).


All of our instructors are certified from IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) as level 2 and most of them are certified lifeguards from the Greek authorities.


We hope to see you at the beach..

Our Services

Kitesurfing Lessons


Kitesurfing Lessons

Kiteboarding lessons at Cape Drepano

Snow Kite Lessons


Snow Kite Lessons

Snowkite lessons at Mt Panachaiko

Kite Camps


Kite Holidays

Kite safaris and sailing kite trips availiable




The best downwind run in Greece

Our Team


Instructor Level 2 and founder of Kiteboardingschool. He is kiteboarding and teaching more than 10 years in Greece and South Africa where he spends the winter months. Certified lifeguard, skipper and rescue diver. Passionate waterman and dedicate kitesurf instructor who will make your kite experience, something to [email protected]!

Anastasopoulos Konstantinos

Cape Drepano Training Manager

Kitesurf instructor and certified lifeguard is the person responsible for your safety and the guarding angel of the beach. Kiteboarding more than 10 years, knowing all the aspects of kiteboarding taking to the next level with patient and safety. One of the ‘originals’ of kiteboardingschool team and Cape drepano kite spot.

Nikolaou Manos

Cape Drepano Instructor

Instructor Level 2 and the first ever kite instructor at Cape drepano. One of the pillars of what today is a world class kite spot. Is the person that knows how things works at the beach and solve any problem you might have. Snowboard instructor and park shaper who at the winter time will be found snowkiting 30 min from Cape drepano at Panaxaiko mountain.

Stathakopoulos George

Cape Drepano Head Instructor

Assistance instructor and costumer service. Kiteboarding more than 3 years, she is one of most passionate and dedicated person at the beach. As a former boxing champion and now dancing instructor will make you fill comfy and safe from the first moment. She is the person that will make things happen and make sure that every day will be a unique experience for [email protected]!

Andriopoulou Eleni

Cape Drepano Assistance Instructor